Software Research and Development

Blending creativity with proven methods, a dedicated R&D team will shorten your time to market

R&D can be time consuming. Details and product specs require close review with a fine attention to detail. Keeping in line with FDA, CE, and internal standards demands a new out of the box approach.

With a dedicated Research & Development team, we’ll help you pinpoint and develop industry-changing products in a timely manner. We’ll work together to pinpoint the ideal software definition, UI/UX design, software development, software integrations and software QA.

Save Time

Shorten the time to product completion with in-house quality tested which has been created within your definitions and meets your standards.

With a focused team of experienced specialists, we utilize a quality-driven infrastructure, utilizing developmental checkpoints to ensure that your project remains in-line with predetermined or agile application requirements.

Working with MedDev Soft, you’ll appreciate a rapid prototyping and quality product completion timeframe. Rapid project completion allows your product to reach the market sooner.

Work with experienced professionals who advise on next steps and take full ownership of your project’s needs utilizing Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) procedures.

Focus of Expertise

  • Plan and implement development process
  • Ensure economical options to optimize product performance
  • Prototyping infrastructure for rapid development
  • FDA/CE software validation & verification
  • Hands-on development and regulatory solutions
  • Requirements collection from the users
  • Defining the application and software requirements
  • New application definitions
  • Models and packages definitions
  • Framework design and definition based on global view of requirements
  • Software team management and interface with other teams
  • Application requirements
  • Application design
  • Application software/feature implementation
  • Application reviews
  • Application releases
  • Application testing
  • Application configuration management
  • Application quality assurance
  • Off the shelf application validation