Imagining Health Care in 2030

I would like to leave you with the text of forecasts made by a number of leading Harvard faculty on technologies that will characterize medicine in 2030, which was published in World Medical Innovation Forum program which took place on May 11. I feel it is important information or anyone…
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Digital Health – is it a true solution for the future?

Following my previous post, and attending, “Digital Health COVID-19 Response – Keeping Patients away from Hospital with no Compromise on Medical Services and Care.”, by Israel Export, I’m increasingly convinced that digitalization will be the solution for many of today’s challenges. 5 years ago, I too was skeptical that IoT…
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The Digital Health Revolution is the Next Revolution

Since the existence of mankind there have been three major revolutions in history according to the book Sapiens (Telugu) by Professor Yuval Noah Harari: – The linguistic revolution – some 70,000 years ago – The Agricultural Revolution – About 12,000 years ago – The Scientific Revolution – About 500 years…
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Special Report: Cybersecurity

We can not underestimate the importance of cybersecurity in today’s medical devices. Beyond a secure network, the UX/UI must be designed in a manner that is easy for medical staff to use and keep secure. We work closely with our companies to ensure that the features, usability, and regulatory processes…
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