What I learned from best webinars on Digital Health after Covid-19 crisis

In recent weeks, I have been attending many virtual conferences and webinars regarding the future of healthcare after COVID-19.

What have I learned from these future speculations? Can we even begin to predict what will happen? Are things going to be different?

(Spoiler: I would appreciate your input, comments, and remarks regarding this topic. Please leave them in comment and let try to discuss this.)

One of conferences that I would like to reference is @Why Summits conference, that was two weeks ago, and called: “Future of Health: Virtual Summit vs. Covid-19”. When I got the email regarding this conference, it seemed right up my alley. It immediately spoke to the part of me that is always seeking new innovations at the forefront of healthcare technology. This full day conference spanned 6 hours, divided into 4 parts:

·       Healthcare

·       Clinical Trials

·       Genomics

·       and Pharmacovigilance.

Each part was a series of dynamic interviews or interactive panel discussions. They were very interesting sessions, but I walked away with more questions than answers. One of them is are we asking the right questions to bring us to the correct future?

While it is clear that things will be different post COVID-19, no one is really clear on how.

One thing that we can be sure will change, is the overall medical patient experience. After e-meeting with physicians, it is apparent that the days of waiting to meet with a physician in a clinic or corridor for hours will no longer be tolerated once; digital prescriptions, digital health, and digital solutions have entered our lives. The question is, where will it take us? There are millions of different apps and solutions. What will we use? How will everything work together?

Another change is physicians experience in using the digital solutions and getting the information from different 

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