The Digital Health Revolution is the Next Revolution

Since the existence of mankind there have been three major revolutions in history according to the book Sapiens (Telugu) by Professor Yuval Noah Harari:

– The linguistic revolution – some 70,000 years ago

– The Agricultural Revolution – About 12,000 years ago

– The Scientific Revolution – About 500 years ago

Today, we are at the beginning of the digital revolution (which will probably be labeled something grander afterward). The digital revolution began a few decades ago, but the Corona crisis has shoved it forward, most notably in the health sector.

The medical field is known as an area which progresses at a slower rate than other industries due to  heavy regulation (and rightly so, it is truly life or death).

Today, we are in the throes of a digital health revolution! The products that are under development today will change our lifespan, quite similar to how Corona has changed our lives overnight. Similarly, regulators are beginning to understand that they need to adapt quickly and make room for innovation.

Much will be learned about this revolution in future history books, but we have had the opportunity to be part of it and to share in the fantastic developments that will come.

MedDev Soft, as a company, is at the forefront of medical technology. Our passion allows us to fully understand regulatory requirements and remain at your service to turn your dream into a reality. This includes developing your future product while complying with continually changing regulations.

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