Corona fears? Reduced resources? No one to move your project forward? It’s time to trust a real partner!

Today’s Corona crisis is rattling all sectors, not even sparing the often immune Medical and Pharma industries. It’s not simple to maintain the status quo when offices are closed and employees are home with their kids.

The challenges facing the healthcare industry are many, but so are the business opportunities.

During these times of uncertainty, entrust your project to a proven partner and continue the unprecedented progress that our industry has experienced.

Project Enhancement

MedDev Soft is a Software Development and Regulation Services company. We work with both medical and pharma businesses to partner in the development of their medical device software in addition to preparing it for FDA, CE, and any other regulatory submission.

Over the last decade, our team has supported hundreds of companies around the globe in the fields of medical devices, digital health, and pharmacology.

From startups to enterprises, our hands-on approach allows for unparalleled insight that benefits companies at any stage.

How We Help

To put it simply, we provide a full range of Software Development and Regulatory solutions. Our engineers is experienced at developing precision solutions to address the unique need of each company we work with.

To be a bit more specific, you can enjoy working with us in:

·       Software Development:

o  Developing WEB, CLOUD and everything in between.

o  Development of any programming language required for your system and a seamless integration of languages. This includes new and legacy languages.

o  Image processing, video, signal processing, ML, AI, and more.

o  Software-hardware interfaces

o  Development of stand-alone modules or an entire system

o  Rapid prototype development

o  Turning a prototype into an operational system

·       UX / UI for the medical world

·       Software regulation

o  Full SQA – full software documentation ranging from procedures to validation and release reports. This includes full validation

o  Validation and software testing according to regulatory requirements

o  Non-Product Software Validation

o  Implementation of HIPAA / GDPR / CYBER processes, including procedures and practice

o  Consulting on all software regulatory issues with the most up to date requirements

What to Expect

We accurately study your needs, then pair you with a professional or professionals whose experience fits your unique project. We’ll then work in full collaboration and truly become part of your team throughout the life of the project. You’ll enjoy deep insight and a shortened time to market with a supportive and powerful team.

What Should You Do?

This one’s easy! Contact me by email:, or at +972-52-8656864

We are on your side throughout the year, but especially on these trying days! Our team is committed to serving you and our years of success speak for themselves. Visit us at .

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